TRACKXPLORE 600 is a partnership between Falco Coffee and Cycling & Treetops Wheelshop. We want to share our passion for adventure cycling, nature, the outdoor, views and landscapes. 


Gert-Jan Staelens

Co founder of Falco Coffee and Cycling

  • Experienced long distance cyclist, outdoor adventurer, coffee enthousiast.
  • Will provide you with a lot of ‘how to’ info.
  • Veteran of ACT3, ACT5, French Divide, Transiberica, Race around Wales, several BRM’s,…

Joris Vander Biest

Founder of Treetops Wheelshop

  • Bike explorer, Coffee addict, routebuilder, bikemechanic, wheelbuilder.
  • Inventor of the grountainbike.
  • Will provide you with a lot of route and bike technical info.